Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Write T-SQL code to provide all valid Sudoku possibilities for nXn matrix.

This post specially dedicated to Anjana Ramamoorthy from Microsoft.

Below is the procedure sc.cp_Create_MetrixPosibilities_nXn which will take matrix size as parameter and create the table dbo.MetrixPosibilities_nXn with all valid Sudoku possibilities.

Below are parameters for the procedure sc.cp_Create_MetrixPosibilities_nXn.

  1. @p_MatrixSize
    1. Size of matrix for which we want to create all the possibilities.

Suppose, we have 3X3 matrix for which I want to create all valid possibilities then we can execute procedure as below.

EXEC sc.cp_Create_MetrixPosibilities_nXn 3
Select count(1) From dbo.MetrixPosibilities_3X3
--> 12

Here, we have 12 valid possibilities created as below in table dbo.MetrixPosibilities_3X3.


Below are the scripts to download.

1. sc.cp_Create_MetrixPosibilities_nXn.sql

Please keep watching for the second post.

Write T-SQL code to take m valid values from User and provide all valid Sudoku possibilities for nXn matrix

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