Thursday, August 8, 2013

Unzip all *.zip files from folder including child folders

I am writing this blog for one on my colleague Ashish Gupta who wants to do this task for his Production Deployment repeatedly.

We had requirement in our company to unzip all files from folder including child folders to specified location. It was not only single file but we had lots of zip files and each was having lots file in there.

To solve this problem, we have created batch file which will read all zip files from folder including child folder and use winzip32.exe command to extract all files to specified location.

We also found that winzip32.exe command will open folder where files are extracted once unzip operation is completed. We had also provided solution for this here.

How to disable “Show unzipped file” option ?

1. Open C:\Program Files (x86)\WinZip\WINZIP32.EXE.

2. Click right bottom error at “Unzip Options”.


3. Uncheck “Show unzipped file”.


How to run batch file ?

1. Copy batch file “ExtractZipFiles.bat” to location from where you want to extract all zip files.

2. Click on “ExtractZipFiles.bat” to execute batch file.

3. Batch file will ask location where you want to extract all files and click enter. I have used “C:\GhanchiAsif” to extract my all files.


4. Batch will extract all files and extract to “C:\GhanchiAsif”.


Below is the batch file to download.

  1. ExtractZipFiles.bat

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